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First day back!!


This won't be the most inspiring album of pics due to the mist we enjoyed for most of the day, but it is a bunch of pictures from today which is just epic to be able to do!

Back out today with regulars Alison, Lindsay and Lee. As soon as we announced the 4th July as an opening date they took the date as they've been busting to get out. 'A long walk' was the brief and so that's what we did - 22km to be precise!

With better weather in the east we started from Patterdale and first went up to see the Priests Hole on Dove Crag. Now into the mist we ticked Hart Crag and Fairfield before dropping to Grisedale Tarn via Cofa Pike.

Back on the stairmaster and we ascended to Dollywagon Pike, then onto Helvellyn. With keen scramblers in tow we traversed a wet Striding Edge and then descended back to Patterdale.

A fun, full day with ace folks. We very much enjoyed the hot start to the day and couldn't care less about the mist and rain as it was just fab to be out! Thanks all!


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