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Mountain Skills Course

Just back from a brilliant day with Lucy and Claire running a bespoke mountain skills course for them. The last time I saw Lucy was 6 years ago when we walked the West Highland Way so it was amazing to catch up, and of course ace to meet Claire and hear about her ultra running adventures.

The day had two aims - Gain some confidence in scrambling, and brush up on nav skills. Cam Crag Ridge onto Rosthwaite Cam was the venue of choice for second time this week as it is perfect for both these aims.

Claire was a bit anxious of the scrambling, but to hear her saying 'I loved that!' when we got to the top meant it was mission accomplished!! On the scramble we spoke about route finding, movement, maximising friction and scrambling grades.

From the top of the ridge we navigated across the pathless terrain, focusing on bearings and misty weather tactics. Both ladies did brill and picked up some good pointers.

Unbelievably we all set off expecting to get soaked at some point and we hardly saw a drop of rain - Win!!

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