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One Day Winter Skills course

🔺WINTERIZE🔺 A superb day out with on Helvellyn and Catstycam on a 1:1 Winter Skills Course. John is a seasoned summer walker but was interested to have a 'full on' winter experience to discover if it's something he'd like to pursue - fair to say he had a brilliant time! As with our recent journeys up Hellvelyn we started up Mires Beck which yet again gave us some early crampon practice. We soon lost our views and didn't regain them until much later in the day, highlighting the need for good Nav skills (or good knowledge of the route) in Winter. We ascended a very wintry Swirral Edge putting crampon and ice axe techniques to the test and oddly had our lunch on a pretty wind free summit plateau! A swift descent of Swirral Edge was then followed by Catstycam where we did once again get some views. From the summit we descended the NE Ridge, near the bottom of which we found a short iced up gully for a bit of a play in and some 'Cliffhanger' photos. Fancy some of this? We can run 1:1 Winter Skills courses with people who live in Cumbria..just get in touch! Technical kit hire is available. #LivefortheNow

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