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Rock Climbing in the Lake District

Napes Needle, Great Gable 🤩

The first ascent of this pinnacle was made in 1886 - Solo! This is considered by many as the birth of Rock Climbing in Britain as a spot in its own right. Previously it had been Shepherds and Botanists who'd take to the crags.

The Napes on Great Gable soon became a famous proving ground, with epic ascents in hobnail boots with a hemp rope being completed between smoking and drinking sessions at the Wasdale Head Inn. It's a really special place to climb and a personal favourite.

Today LMG regular Mark has been enjoying the classic Needle Ridge with our resident mountaineering instructor, James 'Gibbo' Gibson.

Here at LMG we can provide all sorts of mountaineering days for those of you wanting to get vertical.

🔺Guided Scrambling and Climbing

🔺Skills days to help you become a mountaineer or climber

🔺Cuillin Ridge preparations, climbs and traverses

Get in touch with us to plan your climbing or scrambling adventure in the Lake District, Snowdonia or Scotland!

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