Rock Climbing on Great Gable

When Adi dropped me a message asking 'for a good day out climbing from Wasdale' for himself and his partner Paige I knew this would be an expectation easily met for two reasons

1) Great Gable which heads the valley is a mountaineers paradise and offers something for everyone.

2) We have James Gibson as our resident Mountaineering Instructor, a man with so much passion for climbing it's almost unrivalled.

After tackling the steep grassy lower slopes of Gable they made an ascent of Sphinx Ridge and then Pinnacle Ridge to the summit.

I (Matt) saw them briefly as we were in the same location and the smiles on their faces were pretty much stretching from ear to ear.

Thanks and well done all!

Get in touch for a day of mountaineering or climbing in the Lake District or Scotland. Whether you're wanting to just give it a go or try something a bit harder, climbing high up on a mountain crag just has to be tried!


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