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Scafell and Scafell Pike Guided walk

Yesterday afternoon / evening I had the pleasure of embarking on an adventure into the Scafell Massif with LMG regulars Ali, Lindsay and Lee.

For logistical reasons we started our walk from Seathwaite which meant we had some miles to chew up to even get near the peaks we were climbing. We ascended swiftly to the base of Scafell via the Corridor route and the Pikes Terrace path. Our route to the sundrenched summit of Scafell was via Lords Rake and the awesome West Wall Traverse. With the summit to ourselves on what was a perfect evening we stopped to soak it all in.

Now to Scafell Pike. We first descended the scree to Foxes Tarn and then picked up the exposed Eastern Traverse which helps to save a good deal of descent and re-ascent. Now at Mickeldore we climbed the final slopes to the summit of Scafell Pike.

With time pressing on we descended to Lingmell Col and used the Corridor route once more to get us back to Styhead and then onto Seathwaite Farm.

We finished at 10:45pm with tired legs and smiles on our faces.

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