Scrambling in Snowdonia

Sometimes Plan A just isn't wise, and so Plan B has to come and save the day!

Unfortunately our Open event scramble up Tryfan today had to be curtailed at the foot of the mountain due to stronger than anticipated winds. The group all agreed with our guide that the mountain should wait for a kinder day.

LMG Chris however used his local knowledge and pitched the idea of getting the group onto the Penmaenbach Arete which is situated near the coast. Due to the wind direction this was to be much sheltered and would offer a fun alternative.

Sometimes it's just the way it goes, and having the sense to put a plan on the back burner in the interest of safety is key. At the end of the day, that's one main reason why people use us, to help make those decisions.

Thanks to everyone for understanding today! #LivefortheNow

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