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Two Day Navigation Training course

Over the last two days Charlie has been out with us on a bespoke 2 Day Navigation Training course.

As with many people who seek out such courses, Charlie was keen to gain confidence in the map and compass method of navigation, and two days certainly provides the opportunity to consolidate those skills.

Day 1 was all about the fundamentals of navigation and getting to grips with being accurate on paths. It finished off with some compass work, which would be continued on day 2.

After their fun day on Haystacks on day one, today they moved to more of a journey and enjoyed a loop up Bessyboot and then Glaramara. This is always an excellent place to learn about contours and try and navigate without the use of paths.

Big thanks to LMG Ush for hosting the course for Charlie. Great work both!

Get in touch if you'd like to set up your own one or two day navigation training course.

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