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Why hire a guide?

Why hire a guide? Have you hired a guide?

Currently multiple factors are contributing to a spate of avoidable rescues and given the current climate this is pushing some teams to their operational limit. This post is wholly, and unashamedly promotional of what we do and why we feel our services are helpful to many.

Before heading into the mountains you need to ask yourself several questions - Do I know what kit I need and do I have it? Do I know what the weather is doing? Do I have the ability to pull off the planned day? (Fitness / skills) Do I have the knowledge to know when to turn around? Do I know what to do if it all goes wrong?

Being able to confidently answer 'Yes' to all these is vital. If not, then quite simply you're riding an element of luck. If you're answering 'No' to these then maybe hiring a guide or getting skilled up is for you - so how can we help?

Guided Walks - Bespoke or group walks - Prices range from £35 to £160pp depending on what you want to do and the group size. This is a sticking point, why pay to go for a walk in a 'free' environment? Well, whilst out you don't have to worry a single thing about where to go or what the weather is doing. You don't have to make any safety or management decisions for you or your group and you'll most likely learn a few things too. Let us take the strain!

Skills Courses - Get the skills to do it yourself! Join a nav course for as little as £50, or £120 for a bespoke day and get confident in using a map and compass. It's not as hard as some like to think and we just LOVE coaching people into being able to undertake their own adventures safely.

Over the years we've been out with thousands of different people for loads of different reasons and it's always really refreshing to hear people say 'I don't know what I'm doing so I thought I'd spend the money on a guide to save becoming a rescue statistic' - Yes, correct answer!

So don't ride your luck up on 'them there hills' as they do bite back from time to time. Make safe, sensible decisions before you go and if you think a guide may be the way forward it'll be money well spent.

Have you hired us for a day out? If so, why? Tell the readers of this post why you made that decision and why you chose LMG.

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.

Matt Le Voi

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