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Blencathra & Sharp Edge Guided Walk

One of the best things about this job is that we get to meet people from all walks of life with all sorts of hill-going experience. More often than not we are introducing people to the fells and providing that initial experience to inspire them to do more...

Today I was out with Lynn, an almost 3 times Munro Round completer (just 3 more to go!) but she wanted some help tackling a long term ambition of hers - Sharp Edge.

We set off up Halls Fell Ridge to the summit of Blencathra which acted as a great way to warm up the scrambling brain and to check that the rock had all dried out as expected. If it was damp then Sharp Edge would have been out of the question. Fortunately for us the rock was bone dry so we descended to Scales Tarn before climbing again to the start of Sharp Edge. Lynn was very excited to get on the ridge and thoroughly enjoyed her traverse - as with everyone though, she was left wanting just a little bit more!

Why not head out with one of our leaders to get the best out of Blencathra in a safe and enjoyable fashion! #LivefortheNow

Blencathra & Sharp Edge I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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