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Guided National 3 Peaks Challenge

A real pleasure this weekend to support charity @my_oppo_org with their National 3 Peaks Challenge attempt.

The group had some excellent weather on Ben Nevis and they stormed this in just under and over 5.5 hours. They then unfortunately got held up in an accident on their journey south and this put any chance of a sub 24 hour success to bed.

When they arrived in Wasdale it was however a lovely evening and everyone got stuck in. The luck was out once more as we seemed to hit the summit as a cloud dominated the plateau - this disappeared shortly after we left!

Snowdon is always a tricky one as yet another long journey is endured, but just before 6am the group departed and most made it 3/3.

I believe a huge amount of money has been raised by the participants, all in aid of supporting families that are dealing with PTSD.

Well done everyone, a pleasure to walk with you.

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