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The Langdale Pikes Guided Walk

Today I had the joy of 1:1 guiding Hermoine on a trundle around the Langdale Pikes from the Old Dungeon Ghyll.

We were soon atop Pike O Stickle after having done Loft Crag first and I just asked if she happened to be bagging Wainwrights. She wasnt, but she wasn't adverse the idea of ever doing it, and so it was time to maximise our time up on the hill and grab ourselves a nice convenient collection.

We next ticked Harrison Stickle followed by the easily bagged Thunacar Knott. We then ventured on out to High Raise, which is pretty much the centre of the Lake District. Now doubling back we went onto Sergeant Man and finished up on Pavey Ark. We hauled a total of 7 Wainwrights, not a bad start should she decide to take on getting all 214!

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